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About PhoenixDzine

I finally published my about page written in Sept 2011. It reminded me of my intent. I enjoyed reading it again so made a post of it.


The PhoenixDzine Blog

Phoenix Design and Ezine started as a sandbox and dashboard to keep Articles , notes and scrapbook of my online interests. The sharing of added reading material for reference, students and my personal interest started this web of interest Information Systems , Management (Marketing, Retail, Information Technology), Website hosting, Web Design, Social Media, Graphic Design, Liverpool FC and business with sustainable growth and environmental projects.


The Phoenix

The PhoenixDealing with the viruses, spam and the technical problems of others does not create a good first introduction to the word wide web and thus (along with other reasons) prompted the use of the Phoenix. My first plug-in brought with it spammers and unsolicited email as reward to this Shaman in providing a free co.za plug-in for South African Domain registration with WHMCS.



Avatars, Usernames screen names pseudonym and handles we all need one for some application and online anonymity. The need for one online brand identity is debatably encouraged with integrated apps devices and social media while the branding of individuals encouraged as Rockstar’s , Ninja’s and Cowboys.

A Shaman (online, offline and anytime) – I think i’ll coin the phrase Online Shaman

So this Shaman adopted Phoenix and COZA from the WHMCS COZA Registration plugin. PhoenixCOZA anonymously released a plug-in for WHMCS to register co.za domains with the intent to reduce or influence online billing in South Africa to be reduced of its charges and initial overheads. The reality is that we still live in a vastly different society and as while we donate and offer support to various marketed charities , are we creating sustainable projects which benefit society as a whole ? or do we strive to donate and forget in the hope that we can have little “ah ha moments”.


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