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About PhoenixDzine

I finally published my about page written in Sept 2011. It reminded me of my intent. I enjoyed reading it again so made a post of it.


The PhoenixDzine Blog

Phoenix Design and Ezine started as a sandbox and dashboard to keep Articles , notes and scrapbook of my online interests. The sharing of added reading material for reference, students and my personal interest started this web of interest Information Systems , Management (Marketing, Retail, Information Technology), Website hosting, Web Design, Social Media, Graphic Design, Liverpool FC and business with sustainable growth and environmental projects.


The Phoenix

The PhoenixDealing with the viruses, spam and the technical problems of others does not create a good first introduction to the word wide web and thus (along with other reasons) prompted the use of the Phoenix. My first plug-in brought with it spammers and unsolicited email as reward to this Shaman in providing a free co.za plug-in for South African Domain registration with WHMCS.



Avatars, Usernames screen names pseudonym and handles we all need one for some application and online anonymity. The need for one online brand identity is debatably encouraged with integrated apps devices and social media while the branding of individuals encouraged as Rockstar’s , Ninja’s and Cowboys.

A Shaman (online, offline and anytime) – I think i’ll coin the phrase Online Shaman

So this Shaman adopted Phoenix and COZA from the WHMCS COZA Registration plugin. PhoenixCOZA anonymously released a plug-in for WHMCS to register co.za domains with the intent to reduce or influence online billing in South Africa to be reduced of its charges and initial overheads. The reality is that we still live in a vastly different society and as while we donate and offer support to various marketed charities , are we creating sustainable projects which benefit society as a whole ? or do we strive to donate and forget in the hope that we can have little “ah ha moments”.


Alex 5 Defender and Goddess of Women and Birth

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Photo 2014-07-04, 2 16 58 PMHappy 4th of July . American Independence day but more importantly

Happy Birthday to my miracle baby Alex!!

Every year I have started writing a short article to highlight NEC (Necrotising enterocolitis) and the miracle of premature babies . This year I have added more to remind her of the odds and miracle that is her life. She is my reminder that we do not know our own strength, the value loyalty and our natural will to survive.

Alex – (“man’s defender, warrior, protector”. Title given to Hera, Queen of the Gods
Goddess of Marriage, Women and Birth)

Ironically she was named before we understood half the complications she had. We knew she was strong by the way she gripped your hand as if you needed it more than her. She also managed to remove a tube which was down to her stomach while her hands were tied down (This was in the first few weeks of her life). Favourite number 5 – The number of Viking/Danish #LFC loyal defender  @DanielAgger famous for his tattoos #YNWA on his knuckles and Latin motto “Mors certa, hora incerta” (“death is certain, its hour is uncertain”).

In 2002 Alex was born at 27 (6 Months Weeks) at just under 900g and within a week was close 500g. She could fit in the palm of my cadet fit hand and she still has her first baby blanket today. She developed NEC Necrotising enterocolitis and spent the next three months fighting for her life daily.

Necrotising enterocolitis is the third most common cause of mortality in premature births and has a 95% relative increase in the likelihood of death.We did not take photos initially as we did not know if we could look at them in years to come. The photos we have are just before her final operation a month later. She as one print out which was taken before she was diagnosed with NEC and lost more weight, with her handcuffs and the feeding tube she removed. She was also wearing her “sunglasses”  during her phototherapy which was prolonged, since she could not hold down breast milk. This resulted in her developing Bronze Baby syndrome. The operation and tubes left scars which she will have for life. Its not easy for a you women , but as she grows in to her teenage years and matures over the years , hopefully she understands that these are reminders of her strength.

Some of these facts are not to make less of the efforts made by people like Professor Gert (Who retires this year) from Tygerberg Hospital but to the harsh realities of how we take life down to figures and numbers. http://www.tch-trust.org.za/2014/05/06/caring-for-tiny-babies-at-tygerberg-childrens-hospital-has-become-a-lifes-mission-for-pioneering-professor/

I am thankful for the fact that my daughter was not born in a state hospital. See article for 2002 http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/babies-dying-as-hospital-shortages-hit-1.99015?ot=inmsa.ArticlePrintPageLayout.ot

Tygerberg Children’s Hospital officially a has 1kg, 28-week gestation cut-off guideline for admission to an NICU for ventilation. http://www.littlelife.co.za/lifemagazine.aspx?ID=1&ArticalID=22

Alex carries her scars proudly and is hopefully a symbol of hope to those without a voice. The people we contacted at that time came back from countries which seemingly had better medical facilities with sadly news I did not want to hear at the time. All we had, was hope, a little kid with the grip of a giant and maybe that is what we needed to hear at the time.

I found an interesting quote from Urban Dictionary – Alex, the name for a girl who is well-liked by everyone. She has a great big smile ready for everyone, and loves to be around others. Can be very stubborn and moody at times, but if she considers you as a friend, she will be extremely loyal. In society a very popular person with great leadership potential. Smart, pretty, kind and active.

Alex Thank you for giving us hope .”Mors certa, hora incerta” (“death is certain, its hour is uncertain”).

Eikendal Primary Golf Day

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The funding of previously impoverished schools and “migration” of learners who can afford the fees of previously model C schools has left some gaps in the Education sector with regards to funding the basic running costs of certain schools.   The high unemployment coupled with the current economic climate means that we will see the gradual decline in extra mural and ultimately, quality education this school offers due to the inability in maintaining running costs. Please forward the attached advert and information regarding the Golf Day.  


“Eikendal Primary School is situated in Kraaifontein, Cape Town.  There are currently 1 183 learners enrolled at the school. The learners come from the Eikendal, Scottsdene, Scottsville, Bernadino Heights, Bloekombos and Wallacedene areas.  Many of these learner’s parents are exempt from paying the annual school fee due to unemployment. This can be attributed to the current financial crisis the country is experiencing. The School Governing Body has to come up with alternative functions in which to raise the deficit. One of these ways is by organizing a Golf Day.

The purpose of our Golf Day is to raise funds to supplement the monthly running costs.  These costs include employee wages and municipal services, telephone bills and printing expenses.”

Information can be Viewed here



Hootsuite adds new facebook features

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Big news from HootSuite HQ today: The social media dashboard is now equipped with even fuller Facebook functionality which means you can do even more in the dashboard then ever before!


Now you can manage your Facebook Groups and Events – along with your Profiles and Pages – within HootSuite streams. Plus, you can attach and upload photos directly to Facebook, search all public updates for brand mentions and even geo-locate your campaigns.


Source : Ryan Holmes, CEO HootSuite

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